TEA CUP FAiry garden event

April 19th

1 PM to 4 PM


27 Cloister Ave, Ephrata, PA

In order to register for this workshop, you must pre-pay to reserve your spot.


This fun and social workshop, hosted by Art of Recycle, involves creating a tiny fairy garden out of old tea cups.


AoR staff will teach you how to create a mini scary fairy garden using different containers such as tea pots, tea cups, bowls, mini pots and saucers. Using provided materials, AoR staff will guide you into creating your own fairy garden.


This workshop includes:


  • Containers to plant your garden.
  • Dirt, rocks, marbles, seashells, sand,
  • Moss, flowers.
  • Assortment of Scary Accessories to Adorn Your Garden.


Art of Recycle workshop materials are made up of items that the public donates to Art of Recycle in order  to help us sustain our efforts of operating our non-profit community art center. Because of our wide variety of inventory, given items are only available in limited quantities. Each fairy garden made is going to be uniquely different from the other. The garden that you make will not look exactly like any of the gardens in the photos.


You are welcome to bring accessories with you to add to your garden  make it more personal. You do not need to bring anything with you at all, as we provide all of the necessary supplies for you.


This workshop is a children's workshop. It is an easy craft that may cause you to get dirty. This workshop is suitable for children 4 years and up. Adults may sign up for this workshop.


There is a 5 dollar fee for this workshop.  This is a drop in workshop, anytime between 1 and 4pm.


Art of Recycle is always looking for volunteers to help make our community art center even better. Ask about how you can volunteer today!


This Workshop is Scheduled for

April 19TH

1 PM - 4 PM

Seating is limited. Please reserve your spot in advance.


Call 717-466-6966 to reserve your spot over the phone.